Run Your Multi-Store Meat Ecommerce System

Start & manage your multiple meat shops on a single streamlined panel

More Stores More Sales | Multi-brand & Multi-site Capability | 100% Flexible Data Sructure | No Additional Cost

Harness the Power of Multi-store online meat selling!

Having many meat shops/branches in different locations? Hunting for the right Ecommerce platform to pull it all together? Go1 Meat comes with the world's largest Multi-Store e-commerce technology, which allows you to customize and control multiple meat & seafood stores, catalogs, orders, earnings, and records under one roof.


Multi-Branch Meat Store

A single storefront and admin interface to create a distinct customer experience across all meat & seafood shops.


Geolocation-Based Store

Sell tender meats in various countries with a unique domain URL and online storefront (website/app).

Advanced Features

Configure your multi-store meat & seafood selling platform to create an exceptional shopping experience for customers.

Single Dashboard For All Stores

Customize & control all your meat store products, catalogs, orders, customer rewards programs, payment gateway, shipping rules, discounts, marketing campaigns, and deliveries from a single admin panel seamlessly.

Unique Store Domain URL

Planning to sell or export fresh meat globally? We create a distinctive domain for your online business, integrate with effective SEO, supporting your online store rank higher in google search, and attract wide customers. 

Location-based Store Selection

With a location-based meat and seafood ordering functionality, you can provide a better experience for the customer. Customers in your store have the option of choosing their preferred area, Pincode, and so on.

Freedom To Customize

Go1 Meat page builder tool enables you to personalize the appearance and feel (design, layout, theme, and banner) of your multi-store meat-selling Ecommerce platform anytime.

Store Grouping

With Go1 Meat' excellent store grouping capability, you can easily arrange your meat seafood selling branch/stores based on multiple product categories, promotions, discounts, price, and shipping criteria.

Shared Inventory Across Stores

Inventory is distributed to multiple locations based on a variety of customer demands. For each butcher shop, the admin assigns a delivery partner.

Product Price Override

Apply price override functionality to your product listings, price variation, and promotions on specific meat store locations to increase your profit range.

Custom Shipping Rules

Your online meat shop backend shipment rule module allows you to quickly customize FREE shipping, discount shipping, location-based shipping, premium shipping, or priced shipping for consumers.

Multiple Payment Options

With the top payment gateways, such as Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, Amazon Payment, credit/debit card, net banking, COD, and others, you can provide a safer and speedy multi-store purchasing experience for your customers. So...are you ready for the change? Call us today.

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