How delivery app development can make business successful?

September 7, 2021

How delivery app development can make business successful?

by Admin

Day by day the world is proliferating with new businesses and ideas turning lives of billions comfy and handy. The era has come where people can sit in their home and order or book whatever they desire. To say technology has splurged likewise with the website or mobile applications for every traditional or local shopping corridor. As a whole, when it comes to selling seafood or meat, there comes multiple possible ways, and making that happen, Go1 Meat offers you the best meat ordering and delivery app solution. 

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Now, you may ask us, how delivery app development can make my meat business successful? Well, in this blog, you will understand. Continue reading…

How does a Normal Meat shop in the streets work?

  • When a person wants to cook fresh meat in his house, he walks down the street. 

  • Approaches to your meat shop. 

  • Waits in the queue and finally checks all the items available.

  • Communicates with the seller about the kind of fish or meat. 

  • Bargains the prices of meat. 

  • The seller accepts to low cost and packs the item. 

  • Customers pick up the order. 

How does an online meat ordering and delivery app works?

  • The customer downloads your store app or browses it online. 

  • Registers their details by logging in. 

  • Browse the product with search filter options quickly. 

  • Compare price easily. 

  • View each product informations on the detailed page. 

  • Selects items and add to cart.

  • Move to checkout and add PROMO or discount code if it’s there. 

  • View summary and add a delivery address

  • Pays online or enables for cash on delivery option.

  • Admin or seller or you can Accept or reject customer orders as convenient. 

  • Order is packed and send for delivery

  • Customer is notified about the order with push notification, SMS, or reminders.

  • Order is delivered and fulfilled.

In the above details, you might have seen the difference between offline meat selling and online meat selling workflow. Using online ordering and delivery solutions, you can effortlessly take your online business to contactless mode and start earning instantly. You don’t have to bargain with buyers about meat or seafood pricing. Well, you can build your revenue-based model with Go1 Meat. 

You might be an aggregator or single stored or multi-chained business owner, We have the right business model suiting your marketplace. You can also start your online meat delivery business like Tendercuts, Licious, Meatigo. 

What do you get with Go1 Meat? 

For customers- 

Ordering Website

Ordering Mobile Application

For Drivers or delivery partners- 

Delivery partner Mobile Application

For Admins or You- 

Powerful Admin Panel (Web/App)  

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Go1 Meat’s Essential features-

For customers- 

  • App or website browse

  • Secure Signup & Login

  • OTP verification

  • Advanced search filters [based on price, location, product, category]

  • Detailed page of the product with attributes, descriptions

  • Share a product via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

  • Remind a friend via email

  • Review or rate a product

  • Message the buyer about the product

  • Add multiple Addresses for delivery/shipping

  • Schedule shipping with time slots

  • Pay online or offline options

  • Track order with notifications or SMS

For Admin or Seller-

  • Dedicated Dashboard

  • Simplified store setup 

  • Customize frontend visual with Page builder

  • Manage Products, attributes, category

  • Manage orders

  • Manage customers

  • Manage payment gateways

  • Manage delivery fees

  • Manage shipping locations

  • Manage Tax template [for products]

  • Manage review or feedback

  • Add driver or delivery partners

  • Assign orders to delivery partners

  • Track orders 

  • Customize notifications, SMS, email templates

  • Marketize products running campaigns

  • Customize banners

  • Customize Discounts, coupons, loyalty or reward points

  • Analytics & reporting [details report on sales, revenue, promotions are listed]

  • In-app chat integration

Let’s finalize the discussion here, owning a delivery app for your business is always considered successful. To develop your online presence, Go1 Meat has come up with affordable yet effective online solutions. Stay active because you are going to be the next digital player near Tendercuts. 

To know more about cost, call our Go1 Meat team today!

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