Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the Meat Seafood ordering & delivery app?

One of the most demanding apps in today's market is the meat delivery application. Meat delivery mobile app is just like TenderCuts, Fipola, and Licious, introduced to connect the gap between customers and local or small meat shops.

Go1 Meat implements the best digital solution for your business, letting you manage and market the products easily enhancing customer shopping experience.

2How does Meat delivery mobile application work?

Your customers can search their demanding fresh & tender meat items and proceed to checkout and payments. Once the order is placed, admin manages order and assign order to dispatch. The delivery partner delivers tender meats straight to customer doorsteps using route navigation tool.

3Do you develop and offer apps with Android, iOS access? How about admin panel?

Yes, we offer a user-friendly customer ordering and delivery partner app with iOS and Android accessibility. The admin panel is desktop customizable but responsive.

4Do you provide customization service, add-on functionalities, modules, or design changes?

Yes, we offer custom meat and seafood solution where we customize features based on your on-demand business. Designs like text, color, image, style can be personalized before your meat app launches online.

5 What Is the estimated cost for developing an online meat & seafood delivery solution?

We always provide affordable solutions to meat merchants/sellers. When it comes to final prize estimation, the price is been finalized based on the features, extra marketing tools, or third-party integrations. For more, contact us.

6 Do you provide support service after deployment of the app?

Of Course, Go1 Meat provide technical training and support even after deploying of meat and seafood delivery mobile application.

7 What are the best Meat Delivery Applications available in the global industry currently?

Some of the famous meat and seafood delivery applications trending globally are Marel, Meatigo, Tendercuts, Fipola, Everydaymeat, Madras Meat, meat n eat, Fresh to home, Meatcircle, Swiggy, dunzo, Red n whites, etc. Do you want to be the next? Call us today!

8How much time will it take to build an on-demand meat ordering & delivery app?

Don't get surprised! To launch a successful app, dedication and time is required. However, we build the best meat delivery solutions (customer app + driver app + admin panel) within 1 working week.

9 How can I contact Go1 Meat for meat and seafood delivery app development?

You can contact us by filling a small form that is available on 'Contact Us' page or call us directly at +91 99401 81721. Our sales executives will happily support you and answer all your queries. Good luck!

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